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Visualizing Your Test Result Metadata

Last Modified: June 23, 2021

View and modify the metadata, such as keywords or properties, associated with your test results so you can interact with data more efficiently.

Configure the Test Results Details in NI SystemLink Web Application to display information important to you about your test data.
  1. In Test Monitor, click Test Results.
  2. Double-click a test result to modify the metadata associated with it.
  3. In Test Results Details, click .
  4. In Edit Properties, configure how you want to display properties on Test Results Details.
    • Drag a property to a new position.
    • Modify an existing property.
    • Add or remove a property.

      You cannot remove certain properties, such as Product, Serial Number, and Test Program, from Test Result Details.

  5. Enter new values to user-defined properties.

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