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Uploading Files with a TestStand Step

Last Modified: November 17, 2020

Upload custom files to Test Monitor from within TestStand.

  1. Create a step to upload the file or group of files.
    1. Right-click in the Steps pane of your sequence file.
    2. Click Insert Step»SystemLink»Upload File.
  2. Specify a file path or ID for one or more files to upload.
  3. Store the file IDs using local variables.
    1. In the Variables pane, right-click Locals.
    2. Click Insert Local and select String.
    3. Enter the file ID or array of file IDs.
    4. Repeat for each file ID or array of file IDs you want to store.
When you run your test, TestStand attaches the file to the test result in Test Monitor and uploads the file to File Viewer in the default workspace.

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