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Predefined Properties

Last Modified: November 17, 2020

Reference NI-created properties to organize your tests, assets, tags, or files, and avoid using the same names when adding custom properties.

SystemLink automatically assigns predefined properties to tests, tags, and files that you create. You can reference them in your code, but avoid creating custom properties with identical names to the following predefined ones.
Table 1. Test Properties
Property Description
nitmSource Test framework that published the result
nitmTestSocketIndex TestStand socket on which the test was executed
nitmProcessModel TestStand process model used to execute the test
nitmBatchId Unique identifier for other test results which executed in the same batch
nitmTestSocketCount Number of TestStand test sockets on the system when the test was executed
nitmTestStandStartTime Start time of the test as reported by TestStand
Table 2. Tag Properties
Property Description
nitagRetention Retention type of the tag
nitagMaxHistoryCount Retention count if nitagRetention is set to COUNT
nitagHistoryTTLDays Time history is kept for the tag if nitagRetention is set to DURATION
Table 3. File Properties
Property Description
Name Name of the file

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