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Integrating Test Monitor with TestStand

Last Modified: June 23, 2021

Send test metadata from TestStand to your SystemLink server.

To integrate SystemLink with TestStand, first install TestStand 2014 or later and SystemLink Client on the system you want to send test reports from. Installing SystemLink Client on the test system automatically installs the Test Monitor Client plugin for TestStand.
  1. In TestStand, click Configure»Result Processing and ensure the NI SystemLink Test Monitor Client plugin is enabled.

    If you do not see the NI SystemLink Test Monitor Client plugin under Result Processing, select Show More Options and Insert New to select the plugin.


    Click Options to configure the NI SystemLink Test Monitor Client plugin to enable a variety of reporting options, such as tracking utilization information about the assets in your test system, storing test data on the client, and more.

  2. Open NI SystemLink Web Application and click Test Insights. The Test Insights Dashboard shows high-level insights for tests associated with your managed systems. Test results update this dashboard in real time.
  3. Send test reports from TestStand to download in NI SystemLink Web Application.
    1. In TestStand, click Configure»Result Processing.
    2. In Report, click Options .
    3. In the Report Format drop-down, select HTML Document and click OK.
    4. Run the test sequence you want to send a report for.

      You can run tests sequentially or in parallel. TestStand automatically creates all necessary tags to monitor values for each instance of the test sequence. You can view these tags in NI SystemLink Web Application under Tags.

    5. In SystemLink Test Insights, click Results.
    6. Select the test and then click Download Attachments.

You can view any files from TestStand in Files. If the file is a TDMS file, you can select the file and click Preview to view additional information.

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