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Creating Email Notifications for Tests

Last Modified: June 23, 2021

Use SystemLink TestStand steps to automatically send emails depending on test results.

Before you can create email notifications, you must first integrate TestStand with your SystemLink server.
  1. In NI SystemLink Server Configuration, ensure your server host name is correct and log in if your server requires credentials.
  2. Specify an email address to send email notifications from.
  3. In TestStand, in the test you want to send notifications for, right-click in the Step panel and click Insert Step... »SystemLink»Email Notification.
  4. In the Step Settings panel, under Recipient, enter one or more email addresses or a local variable containing email addresses.
  5. Specify the test condition(s) under which you want the recipients to receive the notification.

    If you select Send Immediately, TestStand sends a notification to the recipients when the test starts.

  6. Create a TestStand step to use a preconfigured email template for the notifications.
    1. Click Insert Step...»SystemLink»Get Email Templates.
    2. In the Variables panel, under Locals, click Insert»Local»Array of»Container to return an array of template metadata, including each template's name and ID.
    3. In the Step Settings panel, under Templates, specify the variable name you created in step b.
    4. In the details section for the Email Notification step, use a TestStand expression to specify the ID for the template you want to edit. For example, Locals.Templates[3].Id.

When you run your test, TestStand sends email notifications according to the conditions you specified in step 5. The notification emails contain links to the test results in Test Monitor.

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