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Analyzing and Interacting with Test Results

Last Modified: June 23, 2021

Filter, generate, and visualize test results to analyze your test and measurement data.

There are many ways to analyze and interact with test results in Test Monitor. Refer to the following table to determine which method meets your test monitoring needs.
Goal What to do
Query metadata, such as keywords or system status, to find matching test results. Filter test results to analyze test data.
Create graphical reports to visualize test results.
Access test results for a specific model or product family to understand quality metrics for a model or product family. Visualize test data based on the test assets and systems you use to run the tests.
Display and review details about test results, such as program names and keywords. Visualize test result metadata to gain high-level insights.
Create and analyze data trends. Build advanced queries to visualize parametric data trends on a graph.

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