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Updating Instances after a SystemLink TDM Upgrade

Last Modified: August 14, 2019

National Instruments recommends that you always install a software upgrade on a new server. Back up each instance without an index and restore them to the new computer from the backups. Depending on the size of the index, re-indexing may take a while, but saving and restoring the index would also take time. During this time you cannot use the instances productively.

If you install the software upgrade on the same machine as the original version of SystemLink TDM, you can upgrade the DataFinder, Data Preprocessor, and Analysis Automation instances to the current version.
  1. In Data Preparation, Data Indexing, or Analysis Automation, open the instance overview.
  2. Select the DataFinder, Data Preprocessor, or Analysis Automation instance.

    SystemLink flags the DataFinder, Data Preprocessor, or Analysis Automation instances from earlier versions with a red exclamation mark.

  3. Select »Upgrade. To continue using a DataFinder instance from DataFinder Server Edition 2015 after upgrading SystemLink TDM software, you must first back up the instance and then restore it by clicking New»New from Backup.

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