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Moving an Instance with MS SQL Connection

Last Modified: April 1, 2021

When you create a DataFinder or Data Preprocessor instance, you can store the index on a Microsoft SQL server instead of in the standard database. To move such an instance to another computer, you must save the instance in migration mode and restore it to the target computer.

  1. In Data Indexing or Data Preparation, open the instance overview.
  2. Select the instance which you want to move to a different computer and click »Stop if the server is running.
  3. Select »More»Create Backup. You can only back up instances with their index if the index size is smaller than 50 GB.
  4. Select the Migration mode.
  5. Select the folder to which you want to save the backup file and click OK. Use a UNC path to specify the folder. An example for a UNC path is \\Server\MyFolder. The instance no longer displays in the instance overview.
  6. Copy the backup file to the computer to which you want to move the DataFinder or Data Preprocessor instance.
  7. In Data Indexing or Data Preparation on the new machine, click New»New from Backup and select the backup file. Backup files have the following extensions:
    • DataFinder: .bakdf
    • Data Preprocessor: .bakdpp
  8. Specify a name for the new DataFinder or Data Preprocessor instance and click OK.

    After you restore an instance on the target computer, the backup file becomes invalid.

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