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Distributing Compute Nodes

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

To control the utilization of server resources, specify the number of requests Data Preparation and Analysis Automation instances process in parallel.

The total number of compute nodes you assign determines how many tasks Analysis Automation and Data Preparation can process in parallel. The limit is 64. Analysis Automation and Data Preparation occupy the compute nodes in the order of requests arriving.

The parallel processing capacity of your server also depends on the number of available CPUs or cores. Processing several concurrent requests might slow down non-TDM applications on your SystemLink server.

  1. In Data Preparation or in Analysis Automation, open the instance overview.
  2. Select a Data Preprocessor instance and click »Manage»Monitoring Raw Data Areas»Number of Parallel Requests to the Compute Nodes. For the Analysis Automation instance, click »Manage»Settings»Number of Parallel Requests to the Compute Nodes.
  3. Specify the maximum number of requests that this instance in Data Preparation or Analysis Automation can process in parallel.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Apply in the highlighted area to accept the settings.

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