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Tag Functions

Last Modified: August 28, 2019

Use tags to read and write data values between systems and SystemLink Server or SystemLink Cloud.

Build Path

Identifies the system and top-level application that generates the tag as a tag path.

Open Tag

Opens a reference to a tag on the server. If the tag does not exist on the server, this VI creates it.

Query Tags

Searches the server for tags matching the criteria you specify.

Close Tag

Closes a tag reference or an array of tag references.

Read Tag

Returns the value of the tag. The data type of the tag must match the polymorphic instance.

Write Tag

Specifies the value of the tag.

Reset Aggregates

Clears the aggregate information for a tag reference or group of tag references.

Delete Tag

Removes a tag or group of tags on the server.

Tag Properties

Returns information about an open tag reference so you can modify its configuration.

Tag History Functions

Retain historical tag values to review, troubleshoot, or analyze data over time.

Advanced Tag Functions

Read or write multiple times in a single call to improve performance.

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