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Buffer (AMQP)

Last Modified: November 14, 2019

Uploads a buffer of data to create a new file on the SystemLink file service using the AMQP configuration.


SystemLink Cloud does not support this VI.

AMQP configuration

AMQP connection to the server.


A string containing the contents of the file. When the SystemLink file service completes uploading the contents to the server, it creates the file.

file name

Name to give the file after the SystemLink file service uploads it to the server.


Metadata about the file to send to the server.

error in

Error conditions that occur before this VI runs. The VI responds to this input according to standard error behavior.

packet size

Size, in bytes, of the data packets used to transmit a file or an array of files.

Default packet size is 100,000 bytes.


Unique file identifier the SystemLink file service generates to identify the file on the server.

error out

Error information. This VI produces this output according to standard error behavior.

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