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Query Files

Last Modified: July 12, 2021

Searches the SystemLink file service for files matching filter using an HTTP configuration.

If you do not provide a filter, this VI opens references to every file on the service. The SystemLink file service limits the maximum number of results returned in a single query to 1,000 files.

HTTP configuration

HTTP connection to the server.

If you leave this input unwired, this VI uses the default connection and automatically retrieves your SystemLink Server credentials when you execute the application on a managed system or on the server.

filter in

Query or queries you want to use find matching files on the SystemLink file service.

limit to configured workspace?

Boolean that determines whether this VI queries only for tags in the workspace you specify in configuration. By default, the VI queries for tags from all accessible workspaces.

error in

Error conditions that occur before this VI runs. The VI responds to this input according to standard error behavior.

available files

Files returned from the SystemLink file service.

filter out

Query or queries use to return files from the SystemLink file service.

error out

Error information. This VI produces this output according to standard error behavior.

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