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File Transfer Functions

Last Modified: July 13, 2021

Upload, update, delete, or download files using the File Transfer API.


Sends a local file or data string to the server using the configuration you specify.

Create Filter

Creates or adds to an existing filter to query files on the server.

Query Files

Searches the server for files matching filter.


Receives a file or an array of files from the server.


Opens a reference to an existing file on the SystemLink file service.


Terminates an open file reference.

Get Property

Returns the property value of the file that corresponds to the key.

Set Property

Writes the property value of the file that corresponds to the key and creates the property if it does not exist.

Update Metadata Properties

Modifies the metadata properties of a file.

Merge Metadata Properties

Updates metadata properties of a file after querying the server for the latest values.

File Properties

Provides information about an open file reference.


Removes a file or a group of files from the server.

Advanced Functions

Send files one data packet at a time, receive events when new files are available on the server, or receive file packets from the server asynchronously through events.

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