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Alarm Functions

Last Modified: July 9, 2021

Create alarms to implement rules and manage conditions affecting your systems, tests, or assets.

Acknowledge Alarm

Acknowledges one or more active alarm instances on the server.

Add Alarm Notes

Adds one or more notes, or comments, to an alarm instance.

Alarm Properties

Reads and writes properties of an alarm instance or a notification strategy.

Build Alarm ID

Creates an alarm id using the names of the system and application where the alarm originated.

Build Alarm Set Transition

Creates a set transition to apply when an alarm condition is met.

Clear Alarm

Clears a set alarm instance on the server if the VI does not detect a condition to trigger the alarm.

Create Alarm Query Filter

Creates a filter to query the server for specific alarms.

Delete Alarm

Removes the alarm instance identified by alarm from the server.

Get Notification Strategies

Queries the server for all alarm notification strategies.

Query Alarms

Searches the server for alarm instances that match the filter.

Set Alarm

Triggers an alarm instance to notify subscribers of an issue or a state requiring attention when an application detects a condition.

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