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Creating a Workspace

Last Modified: September 17, 2021

Create a workspace to control which systems and data different types of users can interact with.

Creating a workspace requires a SystemLink Advanced Server license. Workspaces limit user access to a particular collection of systems and the data those systems produce. When you add a system to a workspace, SystemLink automatically stores the data it produces in the same workspace as the system. This process is called automatic data encapsulation.
  1. In NI SystemLink Web Application, click Access Control.
  2. In the Workspaces tab, click Create Workspace.
  3. Enter a name for the workspace and click OK.
  4. Optional: Repeat these steps to create as many workspaces as you need to organize your resources and reflect your organizational structure.
After you create a workspace, specify who can access it by connecting user attributes to roles. When using the SystemLink Web Application and SystemLink REST APIs, a user must be a member of a workspace to access the systems and data within the workspace.

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