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Adding Users to a Workspace Without Using an Identity Provider

    Last Modified: June 23, 2021

    As a workspace owner, add users to workspaces and manually specify roles without creating a mapping to an identity provider (IdP). This increases flexibility when managing workspace membership and roles.

    To add users to a workspace, ensure each user has successfully logged in to SystemLink Web Application at least once.
    1. Under Access Control, click Workspaces.
    2. Click the workspace you want to add a user to.
    3. Click Members. This tab shows members who have logged in to SystemLink Web Application and who are not part of an IdP role mapping.
    4. Click +Members to add a new member to this workspace.
    5. Enter the name or email of the user you want to add to the workspace.
    6. Select the user that matches your query from the list.
    7. Click the role drop-down menus to select the appropriate roles for the user.
    8. Click Update.
    The user you added will receive an email inviting them to the workspace.

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