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Data Management

Last Modified: November 7, 2019

NI SystemLink TDM is a Big Analog Data™ solution for automated preparation and the analysis of large amounts of data in various formats and structures from different geographic locations. SystemLink TDM comprises the configuration components Data Indexing, Data Preparation, and Analysis Automation.

  • Data Preparation: A Data Preprocessor instance harmonizes identifiers, values, and units of the raw data, which makes it easier to analyze and compare this data later on. Moreover, a Data Preprocessor instance calculates characteristic statistical values and verifies and validates the data. The set of rules according to which the data is prepared is defined in DIAdem and then uploaded to the Data Preprocessor instance.
  • Data Indexing: A DataFinder instance indexes the data in specified search areas containing data harmonized by a Data Preprocessor instance or in the SystemLink file service, and makes this data available to an Analysis Automation instance. Apart from an Analysis Automation instance, other clients, such as DIAdem or LabVIEW, can also communicate with a DataFinder instance in order to search the indexed data and to load the search results.
  • Analysis Automation: An Analysis Automation instance applies the analyses defined in DIAdem to the data indexed by a DataFinder instance and creates reports and new data. An Analysis Automation instance automatically starts analyses as soon as a Data Indexing instance detects a new or changed file. Alternatively, analyses can be started manually or with a scheduler.

The following figure shows the basic functionality of NI SystemLink TDM.

Further SystemLink TDM Applications

Use the Data Navigation client application to manually search for data in shared folders of the network or in the SystemLink file service and to make the found data available for evaluation. Use the Data Analysis client application to analyze data and create a report. With the DataPlugins application, you specify the file types that SystemLink TDM can process.

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