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Utilizing DIAdem Desktop Application with SystemLink

Last Modified: June 24, 2021

Use the DIAdem desktop application for ad-hoc post-processing and in-depth, root-cause analysis of measurement data. View and investigate your data, transform it with analysis functions, and share results.

DIAdem also helps engineers configure the SystemLink Data Preparation, Data Indexing, and Data Analysis applications.

Learn more about how to achieve your data-related objectives with SystemLink and DIAdem desktop application using the following table:
Goal Data Management Task
Explore individual data sets. Use DIAdem VIEW and DIAdem ANALYSIS panels in the DIAdem desktop application.
Search files on the SystemLink server from the DIAdem desktop application using SystemLink DataFinders. Connect DIAdem with SystemLink and search for data.
Configure Data Indexing to specify the properties and the order in which they display in a client like Data Navigation or DIAdem. Create a new DataFinder hierarchy in DIAdem SCRIPT and upload it to Data Indexing.
Configure Data Preparation to harmonize your data according to a set of rules you define. Create a data preparation procedure in DIAdem SCRIPT and upload it to Data Preparation.
Configure Data Analysis to perform recurring analyses and create management reports for specific data. Create an analysis automation procedure in DIAdem SCRIPT with VBS or Python and upload it to Analysis Automation.
Generate a SystemLink tag. Generate the tag in a data preparation or an analysis automation procedure. To do so, refer to the programming reference for the SystemLink object-oriented script interface in the DIAdem help.

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