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Filtering Your Systems

    Last Modified: September 17, 2021

    Query your systems to create filtered views that you can reuse and share.

    1. In NI SystemLink Web Application, click Systems Management»Systems.
    2. Click systems.
    3. Click and define the query you want to use to filter your systems.
      1. Select the property whose value you want to use to filter the results. A property can be a name, model, model number, and more.
      2. Select the operation for how the property must correspond to the value. Depending on the property you select, your query can only perform certain operations. For example, if you want to query systems by whether they are locked, you can only perform the equals or does not equal operation.
      3. Specify the value of the property you want to use to filter the results.
    4. Optional: Repeat step 3 for as many times as you need to successfully filter your systems.
    5. Click OK.
    6. To access the view on a recurring basis, click the drop-down next to and select Save. Saving preserves your column, grouping, and sorting options as well.

    Example Query

    If you want to filter your systems to only show systems that are connected and have NI as the vendor, you would define the query in the following way.
    Property Operator Value
    Vendor contains NI
    Connection Status equals Connected
    To share a view with a user on the same server, send them the URL. To share a view with a user on another server, export the view from the Edit View slide-out and send them the resulting JSON file. Users can import this JSON file using the Create View slide-out.

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