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Using a DataFinder Instance as ASAM ODS Server

Last Modified: June 24, 2021

Use a DataFinder instance as an ASAM ODS server to display data in the search areas according to the ASAM data model, and make it available to clients through the Corba interface.

  1. In Data Indexing, click DataFinder Instances.
  2. Select an instance and click »Manage» »Connect»Remote Access.
  3. Select ASAM ODS, enable Enable NI ASAM ODS Server, and click OK. Use the displayed connection information to connect a client with this DataFinder instance. You use a DataFinder instance as an ASAM ODS server to display, browse, and filter data with an ASAM-conform data model. The applications supporting the ASAM ODS Corba interface can access the ASAM ODS server in order to find and load this data.
  4. Stop the server to complete the process.
  5. Optional: To make custom properties available for searching and filtering through the Corba interface of ASAM ODS:
    1. Select Custom Properties and click, for example, Channel.
    2. Select the custom properties to optimize and click Optimize
  6. Click Apply to accept the settings.

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