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Making Custom Properties Searchable

Last Modified: June 24, 2021

Optimize custom properties to make them searchable with clients like Data Navigation. Optimizing custom properties also speeds up your search.

  1. In Data Indexing, click DataFinder Instances.
  2. Select an instance and click »Manage.
  3. On the Custom Properties tab, choose whether to optimize custom properties on the File, Group, or Channel level.
  4. Optional: Click Calculate Occurrences and then click the Occurrences column header. This sorts the custom properties with the most occurrences, which means they might benefit from optimization.
  5. Select the property, or several properties, you want to optimize and click Optimize.

    Make sure you select all custom properties you want to optimize before you run the optimization process. Data Indexing will block the instance during the process, which may take some time.

  6. Click Apply to accept the settings.

    A custom property may be of a different data type in different files. In this case, DataFinder uses the data type with the highest occurrence to optimize the property across all files.

The searchable properties list in the search configuration in Data Navigation displays the custom properties you optimize. Choose the properties for your search from the list and start searching for files.

If a property name in the file service contains special characters, DataFinder replaces this character with an underscore during the indexing process.

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