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Indexing Data

Last Modified: June 24, 2021

Use DataFinder instances to index technical data in the SystemLink file service and in search areas on SystemLink Server. Indexing data significantly improves search performance.

The following table highlights tasks in Data Indexing to meet common data indexing goals.
Goal Data Indexing Task
Prepare a DataFinder instance for indexing. Configure the instance according to your indexing requirements.
Ensure that data in the file service meets your data requirements. Define and upload data integrity rules that the DataFinder indexing the file service uses to check all incoming files.
Run automated searches and analyses. Create Analysis Automation procedures in DIAdem and use the settings in Analysis Automation to configure automated searches with DataFinder instances and subsequent analyses.
Manually search for data with DataFinder instances. Use Data Navigation to search manually for data. In Data Indexing, connect a DataFinder instance to Data Navigation and configure the download area of Data Navigation.
Search for data from clients like DIAdem or LabVIEW. Connect DIAdem or LabVIEW with a DataFinder instance.
Find data from multiple DataFinder instances on SystemLink Server or on distributed servers using a single search query and display the combined search results. Create a federation of multiple DataFinder instances.
Apply the ASAM ODS data model in Data Indexing. Set up a DataFinder instance as an ASAM ODS server to display, browse, and filter data with an ASAM-conform data model.

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