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Managing Permissions for DataFinder Instances and Search Areas

Last Modified: November 7, 2019

You can restrict the access permissions of clients to DataFinder instances and individual search areas. If you do not define specific access permissions, clients can, for example, access all search areas of a DataFinder instance. If you define access permissions, clients can only browse, search, and load data in the search areas for which they have permission. DataFinder instances use Microsoft Active Directory for authenticating, authorizing, and managing users and accounts and support single sign-on.

  1. In Data Indexing, click DataFinder Instances.
  2. Select the DataFinder instance whose global access permissions you want to manage and click »Manage»Security.
  3. Enable Manage global access permissions.
  4. Select one of the following options:
    • Select existing users/groups to give them new directives in the Edit User/Group dialog box, or to delete the user/group.
    • Click Add»User/Group to add a new user or group and to assign the associated directives. The following table displays the users/groups and directives.
    Setting Description
    • Fully qualified account names, for example, Domain_name\user_name
    • Fully qualified DNS names, for example,\user_name
    • User principal names, for example,
    • Allow access - Users/groups are allowed to browse the data and receive search results from this data.
    • Deny access - Users/groups are not allowed to browse the data and do not receive search results.
    • Select Add»Import Windows Access Permissions to apply the Windows access permissions of a search area to the active DataFinder instance. The SystemLink TDM account must have access permissions for all search areas and must have corresponding access permissions for the file system.
  5. Assign access permissions for individual search areas (not available for the FileIndex instance).
    1. Switch to the DataFinder instance configuration page.
    2. Select Search Areas.
    3. Select a search area and click Edit»Security.
    4. Enable Overwrite global security settings.
    5. Select Add. The following table shows the sources from which you can select additional access permissions.
      Option Description
      Import from Search Area Accepts the access permissions from another search area.
      Import from Global Settings Accepts the global access permissions from the active DataFinder instance.
    6. Click Apply in the highlighted area to accept the settings.

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