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Connecting Data Navigation to a DataFinder Instance

Last Modified: June 24, 2021

Enable web access for a DataFinder or Federation instance to allow Data Navigation to access the shared data.

  1. In Data Indexing, click DataFinder Instances or Federation Instances.
  2. Select an instance and click »Manage.
  3. Click »Connect»Remote Access»Web Access.
  4. Enable Allow access to DataFinder through web connections to allow Data Navigation to access the shared data of the DataFinder instance.
  5. Select Stop if the instance is running.
  6. Click Apply to accept the settings.
  7. In the breadcrumbs ribbon, click DataFinders or Federation to return to the instance overview. Select your DataFinder instance and click »Start to start the DataFinder instance.
  8. Click and open Data Navigation.
  9. On the Instance Overview tab, select the DataFinder instance you enabled and click »Connect to display the shared data of the instance.
You can now retrieve data from the data stores indexed by the DataFinder or Federation instance.

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