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Updating NI Software on a SystemLink Linux RT Client

Last Modified: June 23, 2021

Upgrade NI software on a SystemLink Linux RT client from the NI SystemLink Web Application. During the update, SystemLink formats the client and installs a new version of Linux RT System Image.


Only systems with NI SystemLink Client 19.0 or later can upgrade to the latest Linux RT System Image from the NI SystemLink Web Application. Systems with SystemLink Client 18.5 or older must use NI MAX to upgrade each RT target.

Before you begin, save all data or software stored on the client. The upgrade erases all installed software and data.
  1. In NI SystemLink Web Application, click Systems Management»Systems.
  2. Select the Linux RT client system(s) you want to update and then click Software.

    If SystemLink does not discover any system images for your client, add the images feed.

  3. Click System Images and select which version of the system image you want to install on the client.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review the summary and click Apply. SystemLink deploys and installs the system image on the target.
After the upgrade finishes, the client automatically reconnects with the server and reports the job succeeded in the job history.

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