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Troubleshooting Package Deployment and Server Configuration

    Last Modified: April 1, 2021

    Understand and solve potential issues when deploying packages to clients.

    Use the following table to troubleshoot different aspects of SystemLink installation and package deployment based on the problem you encounter.
    Problem Possible Cause Steps to Take
    • Available tab doesn’t display packages stored in the server's package repository.
    • Available tab displays errors or warnings.
    • Installing packages on clients fails because SystemLink cannot locate packages.

    Your proxy server might not be correctly configured, preventing your server from accessing the feeds you need.

    Ensure you have configured your proxy server to use with SystemLink, including specifications for bypassing local addresses.

    Installation time on clients is unexpectedly high or differs widely between similar clients.

    SystemLink might be repeatedly timing out while trying to update feeds the server cannot reach.

    This might happen when a client tries to access feeds but can only access the feeds stored on the server.

    Complete one of the following actions to ensure clients can access the feeds they need:
    • In the Software tab of the system details, remove the feeds that the clients cannot access.

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