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Accessing Your Files with DataPlugins

Last Modified: April 1, 2021

Use DataPlugins to access your files with SystemLink for further processing, indexing, or analysis. NI provides more than 200 DataPlugins for common file formats for download. If you cannot find a DataPlugin for your file format, you can create your own. NI provides documentation and examples to code your plugin in VBS, Python, LabVIEW or C++.

Goal Task
Use ready DataPlugins from NI for common file formats. Search for your file format and download the corresponding DataPlugin from the DataPlugins page on
Create your own DataPlugin. Follow the basic instructions and example code to create DataPlugins for NI software like SystemLink, DIAdem, or LabVIEW. Use the programming languages VBS for DataPlugins in DIAdem, Python, C++, or G.
Enable Data Preprocessor and DataFinder instances to scan and process specific file types with a dedicated DataPlugin. Registering DataPlugins to Index and Process New File Types
Add a file extension to an already registered DataPlugin. Adding File Extensions to a Registered DataPlugin

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