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Retrieving Data from Your Data Stores

Last Modified: November 20, 2020

Use Data Navigation to manually find data in the folders of a company network or in the SystemLink file service. After you retrieve the data, you can inspect, upload, download your data, add custom properties or export the files for further analyses to Data Analysis.

The following table highlights tasks in Data Navigation to meet common querying goals.
Goal Search Task
Find data in defined search areas on machines in the company network. Select or create a DataFinder or federation instance that allows you to search in network shares.
Find data in the SystemLink file service. Select the preconfigured FileIndex instance.
View all files in the SystemLink file service and upload files. Select the File Service tab and click Upload to upload files. You can only view the file service on an instance that indexes the file service, like the FileIndex instance.
Search with limited knowledge about the data you are searching for. Use a Quick Search.
Search for specific property values at the file, channel group, or channel level. Use an Advanced Search. You can also combine search conditions to define complex queries and limit the search results.
Download search results. Select the file(s) and click »Export (Original Format)»OK. Then click Downloads to download the files to your hard disk.
Analyze search results in Data Analysis. Provide search results for analyses with Data Cart.

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