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Executing Analysis Automation Tasks

Last Modified: April 1, 2021

Use Data Analysis to run analysis automation tasks. Data Analysis displays the manual tasks enabled in the Analysis Automation instance.

  1. In Data Analysis, click to open the task you want to run. If you cannot find the task you need:
    1. Switch to Analysis Automation.
    2. Click Tasks and check the status of the task you want to view in Data Analysis.
    3. To enable the task, click »Enable.
  2. Choose the data source on which you want to run the task.
    Option Description
    Preconfigured data source Analyzes the data in the data source originally configured in Analysis Automation.

    If the data source is not available, complete steps 1a to 1b to check the status of the task.

    Selected elements in Data Cart Analyzes the data you select in Data Cart. To add data to Data Cart, search for data in Data Navigation, select the results you want to analyze, and click »Add to Data Cart.
  3. Optional: Click Parameterization to change the values of parameters. For example, you can change the folder where Data Analysis stores the analysis result.
  4. Click Run to execute the task.
  5. Optional: In Latest Results, click to open the task history.
  6. Optional: If the analysis script in the Analysis Automation procedure contains the UploadResultFile command, you can preview the report and download the results in SystemLink File Viewer. Open Latest Results and click the link in the Results Preview column.

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