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SystemLink Predefined Properties

Last Modified: June 22, 2021

Predefined properties are user-facing key-value pairs that install with SystemLink and SystemLink APIs.

You can call these properties in code and display their current values in the details area for assets, systems, tags, and tests in the NI SystemLink Web Application.

You cannot delete predefined properties or modify how they act. If you create custom properties to interact with SystemLink data services, verify that you are not referencing an existing property to avoid name collisions.

Predefined Properties

Refer to the following table to learn more about the predefined properties you can view and interact with in NI SystemLink Web Application.

Property Full name or key Description API(s) Example value
Path path Path to the tag reference

A tag path uses dot separators to separate each component of the path. For example, a tag path looks like <system>.<namespace>.<tag>.

Tag 39a98f00-7200-461b-8a7r-e8c84dc3094d.Throughput_Test.status
Current Value value Most recent value of the tag Tag June 04, 2019 2:34:04 AM CDT
Minimum Aggregate Value min Smallest value of a tag Tag 0
Maximum Aggregate Value max Largest value of a tag Tag 69,905,949,604
Mean Value avg Average value of a tag Tag 34,952,974,802
Count count Number of times a tag produced a value Tag 11819
Batch Serial Number nitmBatchSerialNumber Serial number assigned to a batch of DUTs or UUTs in TestStand Test Monitor 0123456789
Serial Number nitmSerialNumber Serial number assigned to the DUT or UUT in TestStand. Test Monitor 1E28B2D
Test Socket Index nitmTestSocketIndex Indexed number associated with a test socket Test Monitor 4
Test Socket Count nitmTestSocketCount Total number of test sockets included in the TestStand test sequence Test Monitor 5
Source nitmSource What software application acquired the test results Test Monitor niteststand
Started At nitmTestStandStartTime Time when the test started running in TestStand Test Monitor 2019-04-29T14:37:26.467
Test Program nitmTestProgram Name of the test program that executes the test steps Test Monitor Manufacturing Test.seq
Process Model nitmProcessModel Set of operations that establishes how TestStand performs a test on a DUT or UUT Test Monitor Sequential
Operator nitmOperator Person who executes the test Test Monitor Administrator
Batch ID nitmBatchId Identifier assigned to a batch of DUTs or UUTs in TestStand. Test Monitor 1
System Name nitmSystemName Name of the test system performing the test Test Monitor VirtualBox--MAC-08-00-27-C1-70-57
Hostname nitmHostname Name assigned to the device Test Monitor localhost
Part Number nitmPartNumber Unique number assigned to a test device or asset Test Monitor 154119E-01L
Product nitmProduct Type of device under test Test Monitor cRIO-9030
Value value Value associated with the process your team started monitoring when the alarm transition generates Alarm 15
Minion ID minionId Unique identifier associated with a client system

When you query the Alarm service, it translates the minion ID into the hostname in NI SystemLink Web Application.

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