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Selecting a Data Source for a Tile

Last Modified: June 22, 2021

Add a data source, such as a tag, asset, test, or notebook, to display on a tile.

Before you begin, you must open a dashboard and select a tile type to add.
Refer to the following table to determine the steps you need to complete to select the data source.
Type of data you selected Task(s)
  • Enter a full or partial tag path(s) to select the tag.

    The search is case sensitive.

  • If your tile is a graph, click to build a tag query.
  • Assets
  • Tests
  • Systems
  • Jobs
  1. Select an existing query.
  2. Modify the existing query or create a new one.

    You cannot create new queries for assets.

  1. Select a notebook.
  2. (Optional) Configure the parameters if you do not want to use the default values.
  3. Select a time interval for how often you want the notebook to execute and provide updated results.

If you enabled system filtering for the dashboard, you can only select generic data sources, or data sources that are not specific to one system. For example, Health.Memory.Total is a generic data source, whereas NI-cRIO-9042-01E10AB8.Health.Memory.Total is specific to that particular cRIO system.

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