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Connecting to LabVIEW and DIAdem

Last Modified: June 22, 2021

Exchange data between clients like LabVIEW or DIAdem and SystemLink server using SystemLink data services. Access these data services through the Data Communication palette in LabVIEW and LabVIEW NXG, or the DataFinder connection in DIAdem NAVIGATOR.

Refer to the following table to determine which data service to use depending on your needs.
Goal What to use
Track a piece of data, such as a hardware measurement, and create alarms or data visualizations using that value. Tags
Publish an entire file from a client to your SystemLink Server for storage, additional processing, or access by other clients. File Transfer
Send commands or configurations from one system to other systems. Messages
Manage and communicate test data between your test systems and SystemLink Server. Test Monitor
Record utilization information about the assets performing test and measurement tasks. Asset Utilization
Query TDMS files to read measurement data from them. TDM Reader
Configure how long or how many historical tag values you store on your SystemLink server or SystemLink Cloud account. Tag History
Build an alarm to notify you when an application or system is not performing as expected. Alarm
Access files in data stores on SystemLink Server to further process them in DIAdem or LabVIEW. DataFinder

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