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Generating Custom Alarms

Last Modified: June 22, 2021

Build alarms to notify you when an issue occurs in your system.

What to Use

What to Do

You can find the SystemLink Alarm and Utilities APIs on the Data Communication palette in LabVIEW.

The Utilities API is not supported in LabVIEW NXG.

  1. On the client, create the following diagram in a VI to create alarms to implement rules and manage conditions affecting your systems, tests, or assets.

Customize the gray sections for your unique programming goals.

Get System Name obtains the name of the system you want to monitor so you can receive alerts if alarm conditions occur.
Build Alarm Set Transition creates a set transition, which describes the state and severity level of the alarm instance, to apply to a notification strategy.

Set Alarm triggers an alarm instance on the server.

If Build Set Alarm has a notification strategy wired to it, then a notification is sent to subscribers if the alarm instances are new. The subscriber then verifies and fixes the issue before acknowledging it.

After the application determines the current state of the alarm is below the defined alarm threshold, the application clears the alarm with Clear Alarm.


  • If you need to review active and inactive alarm instances, use the Alarms and Notifications UI in NI SystemLink Web Application.
  • If Set Alarm only returns True the first time you set an alarm and then always returns False, verify you or another operator acknowledged the alarm. If the alarm is not acknowledged, it will remain active.
  • If you specify a notification strategy and do not receive an email to notify you about an active alarm instance, verify the following things.
    • If the alarm is new or not. A notification is only sent when a new alarm instance occurs.
    • If you configured a notification strategy in NI SystemLink Web Application.
    • If you configured an SMTP service in NI SystemLink Server Configuration.


Search within the programming environment to access the following installed example:
  • Alarms

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