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Manually Adding Assets

Last Modified: November 18, 2020

Add assets from SystemLink Web Application to manage both NI assets and third-party assets.

  1. In Systems Manager, double-click the system you want to add an asset to.
  2. On the Assets tab, click Add Asset.
  3. Enter a name for the asset.
  4. Specify any other information relevant to the asset. For Location, you can specify a physical location or the name of a system the asset belongs to.
  5. Use the Supports external calibration toggle to specify whether you want to configure and manage calibration for this asset. If you specify that an asset supports external calibration, you can view and add calibration data in the asset details.
  6. Specify properties or keywords if you want your asset to appear in specific queries.
  7. Click OK.
After you add an asset manually, it appears in Asset Manager, and you can manage it just like any other asset.

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