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HTTP API Reference

Last Modified: June 23, 2021

Use HTTP APIs to leverage SystemLink data services with text commands.

Access HTTP API documentation for SystemLink in one of the following ways.
  • On your SystemLink server, append /niapis to the address of your SystemLink server in your browser. For example, http://localhost/niapis.
  • On your SystemLink server, append one of the following paths to the address of your SystemLink server to open SystemLink TDM documents:
    API Documentation URL to Append to Server URL Example
    Upload Analysis Automation Procedures and Create Manual Task: /systemlink-tdm-offline-doc/AnalysisServer/UploadAnalysisProcedureCreateManualTask.html http://localhost/systemlink-tdm-offline-doc/AnalysisServer/UploadAnalysisProcedureCreateManualTask.html
    Run Manual Task and Inspect Task Execution /systemlink-tdm-offline-doc/AnalysisServer/RunAndInspectManualTask.html http://localhost/systemlink-tdm-offline-doc/AnalysisServer/RunAndInspectManualTask.html
    Data Navigation Data Service HTTP API /systemlink-tdm-offline-doc/DataNavigatorDataService/DataNavigatorDataService.html http://localhost/systemlink-tdm-offline-doc/DataNavigatorDataService/DataNavigatorDataService.html
  • Open a browser and navigate to
  • Access OpenAPI specification documents in the public SystemLink GitHub repository.

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