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Updating Analysis Automation Procedures

Last Modified: September 24, 2021

Use analysis automation procedures to automate data analyses with Analysis Automation. You create and edit analysis automation procedures in DIAdem, Python, or Jupyter notebooks. To edit an analysis automation procedure, download it to your client machine, make your modifications in your programming environment, and upload the modified procedure to Analysis Automation.

  1. In Analysis Automation, click Instance on the dashboard.
  2. Click Procedures.
  3. Select the analysis automation procedure you want to update and click »Download.
  4. Click Save File»OK to save the file on your client computer.
  5. Edit and save the analysis automation procedure with DIAdem, Jupyter, or Python.
  6. Return to Analysis Automation, select the analysis automation procedure you are updating and click » »Update.
  7. Navigate to the revised analysis automation procedure on your client machine and click Open.
  8. Optional: Modify the Workspace if you want a different set of users to work with this procedure.
  9. Click Apply to accept the settings. The analysis automation procedure displays under Procedures.

    If you don't have sufficient privileges, the Approved column displays this icon indicating the procedure is pending approval. A user with permissions to approve or reject procedures needs to click »Approve to approve the procedure.

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