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Creating Analysis Automation Procedures in DIAdem

Last Modified: September 24, 2021

Create analysis automation procedures in DIAdem to perform recurring analyses with similar data in Analysis Automation, and export the results as a PDF or graphics file. Analysis automation procedures contain the analysis script, the parameter definition, and the search query for the data you want to analyze.

  1. Open DIAdem SCRIPT.
  2. Select Settings»SystemLink TDM»Analysis Automation Procedure.
  3. Click New Analysis Automation Procedure.
  4. Create the new analysis automation procedure:
    1. Enter a name, description, and author of the new procedure.
    2. Choose Python or DIAdem (VBS) as your programming Environment.
    3. Click OK.
  5. Define the data for analysis on the Search Query tab.
  6. Check Data filter enabled to define the search query. For example, make the following settings to limit the analysis to TDM files:
    Level Property Value
    File DataPlugin name = TDM
  7. Use the Parameter Definition tab to define the parameters and initialization values. You can still change the value of the parameters when defining the task in Analysis Automation. Use the Context object in the analysis script to access the parameters. Refer to the DIAdem help Programming Reference»Object-Oriented Script Interface»SystemLink for more information about which objects to use from the SystemLink API.
  8. Select the Analysis Script tab to edit the analysis script and add more files to the analysis automation procedure configuration.
  9. Specify the Evaluation mode.

    The setting Parallel evaluation: Each retrieved element is processed individually is only available if you have enabled the data filter on the Search Query tab.

  10. Select the main.vbsa or the and click Edit Selected File.
  11. In the configuration dialog box, click to continue configuring the analysis automation procedure.
  12. Optional: Click Add File to Analysis Automation Procedure if you require additional files in the analysis script.
  13. Select Save Analysis Automation Procedure As. The analysis automation procedure has the file extension .anp.
Add the analysis automation procedure to the Procedures library in Analysis Automation.

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