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Analyzing Data

Last Modified: November 20, 2020

Analysis Automation instances run data analyses, save the result data in new TDM files, and export management reports as a PDF or graphic. The reports provide in-depth insight on the tests you are running and the results you achieve. You can configure multiple analyses to run concurrently and analyze different aspects of your test setup.

The following table highlights tasks in Analysis Automation to meet common data analysis goals.

Goals Analysis Automation Task
Configure your analyses, and specify the data types, data sources, and the report format according to your requirements. Create an analysis automation procedure in DIAdem or Python.
Run analysis automation procedures. Add your analysis automation procedures to the Analysis Automation instance. Create manual, automatic, or triggered tasks to determine when and on which data source your analysis automation procedures run.
Change the name of your Analysis Automation instance. Rename an Analysis Automation instance.

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