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Overview of the SystemLink Platform

Last Modified: June 24, 2021

SystemLink enables your team to accomplish its systems management, asset management, test management, and data management tasks with a variety of software applications and add-ons.

Refer to the following image to learn about the type of management goals SystemLink enables.

Depending on what your team needs to accomplish, you need to purchase and install specific SystemLink software. Refer to the following table to determine what SystemLink software your team needs.

Goal Software to install
Role-Based Access Control SystemLink
Systems Management
  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink Software Configuration Module
Asset Management
  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink Asset Module
Test Management
  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink Test Module
Data Management
  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink TDM

When you install SystemLink in NI Package Manager, it comes with SystemLink Server and SystemLink Client.

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