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Configuring File Indexing for a DataFinder Instance

Last Modified: June 24, 2021

Index the data in the search areas or in the SystemLink file service to allow you to manually or automatically search for data with Data Navigation, DIAdem, or LabVIEW.

  1. In Data Indexing, click DataFinder Instances.
  2. Select an instance and click »Manage.
  3. On the Index tab, use the settings in the following table to configure your indexing process.
    Setting Description
    Notify Analysis Automation instances about new or changed files* Notifies an Analysis Automation instance about new or changed data in the data source of a task. This is the default when you select a DataFinder instance in Analysis Automation as the data source for event-driven analysis automation procedures. If you disable this checkbox to reduce data traffic on the server, Analysis Automation can no longer perform the triggered tasks that use this DataFinder instance.
    Changes in Search Areas* Updates the index when files are new or modified.

    The operating system notifies SystemLink about every new or modified file. Therefore, you should not use this setting if you expect a large amount of new files or file changes.

    Indexing Schedule* Creates a data indexing schedule.
    Continuous Scan* Checks in the specified interval whether data has been added or deleted.
    Index Optimization Schedule Optimizes the index at the specified times.
    Use Optimized Background Processes Optimizes the background processes which the DataFinder instance applies to the index. For example, if you have deleted a search area or disabled a DataPlugin, the DataFinder instance only deletes the associated data from the index when computer resources are available.
    Number of Parallel Indexers Number of indexers which simultaneously index the data in the search areas. By default, a DataFinder instance uses four parallel indexers. You can use a maximum of eight parallel indexers. Using several parallel indexers can considerably impact the speed of your server.
    Index Adaptor Configures the index adaptor. Adaptors connect the DataFinder instance to a database, where they store the index. The connected databases may differ in performance and functionality.

    *not available for instances that index the SystemLink file service, like the FileIndex instance.

  4. Click Apply to accept the settings.

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