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Integrating with an OPC UA Server

Last Modified: June 23, 2021

Connect to an OPC UA server to leverage, or mirror, OPC UA variables as tag values within the default workspace of your SystemLink system.

To integrate with an OPC UA server, you must install SystemLink OPC UA Connector.
  1. In NI SystemLink Web Application, under Connectors, click OPC UA.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Follow the prompts to create and configure a session for connecting to the OPC UA server.
  4. Click Connect to accept the automatically generated security certificate and begin the session.

    To manually add a security certificate, click Manage Certificates.

The following image shows an OPC UA server connected to a SystemLink Server in NI SystemLink Web Application. The root directory on the left shows the object hierarchy of the OPC UA server.

Your SystemLink Server stays connected to the OPC UA server until you pause or delete the session.

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