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Batch Indexing Folders or Files

Last Modified: April 1, 2021

Use job files as an option to prioritize the indexing of new files in a batch process. The following task enables the processing of job files and specifies their location. You cannot use job files with DataFinder instances that index the SystemLink file service, like the FileIndex instance.

  1. Open a text editor and create a job file. For more information, refer to Properties and Structure of Job Files.
  2. Save the job file using .dfij to a path which the DataFinder instance can access.
  3. In Data Indexing, click DataFinder Instances.
  4. Select an instance and click »Manage»Index»Job Files.
  5. Enable the processing of job files.
  6. Select the folder to which you saved the job files. Use a UNC path to specify the folder. An example UNC path is \\Server\MyFolder. Click OK.
  7. Click Apply to accept the settings. A DataFinder instance processes all job files in the specified folder and deletes them after indexing.
  8. Review any errors that occurred during the indexing process and make changes to your files if necessary. The Errors folder is located below the folder that contains the job files.
Automate your systems to create job files as soon as they have generated multiple files, to prompt the batch-indexing process. In LabVIEW, for example, use the Create Index Job File VI under DataFinder Toolkit VIs on the DataFinder Connectivity VIs palette.

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