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Scanning and Processing Files Manually

Last Modified: November 20, 2020

Scan or process the files in the raw data areas of a Data Preprocessor instance manually if the automated process is deactivated, if the file system scan didn't work properly, or if you need to process a new or changed file immediately.

  1. In Data Preparation, click Data Preprocessor Instances.
  2. Select an instance and click »Manage»System Status.
  3. Click Processing and choose one of the actions from the following table:
    Goal What to do
    Scan folders for new or changed files. Select a folder and choose Selected Folder»Scan.
    Scan all raw data areas for new or changed files. Choose All Raw Data Areas»Scan now.
    Process raw data folders that have not yet been processed. Select a folder and choose Selected Folder»Reprocess.
    Reprocess all raw data areas. Choose All Raw Data Areas»Reprocess.
    Process one file in a raw data area that was not successfully processed. Select a file and choose Reprocess File.
    Process files with a special status. Choose All Raw Data Areas»Reprocess Files with Status and a status.

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