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Setting Up a SystemLink Client for Windows Targets

Last Modified: August 27, 2020

Install SystemLink Client to establish a connection between your SystemLink server and a remote Windows target.

Before setting up a client, install SystemLink Server and a supported version of LabVIEW on the host machine. Also ensure your server has enough node licenses available in Volume License Manager.
  1. On the Windows target, launch NI Package Manager.
  2. Search for and install NI SystemLink Client.
  3. Launch NI SystemLink Client.
  4. Select Connect to a SystemLink server and specify the host name, IP address, or DNS alias of the SystemLink server to which you want to connect.

    If you want to create a DNS alias for your server, refer to steps 5-6 in Setting Up a SystemLink Server.

  5. On your SystemLink server, launch and log in to NI SystemLink Web Application.
  6. Click Systems Manager and click the Pending systems tile.
  7. Click Approve for the targets you want to connect to the server. The target is now a client connected to your SystemLink server. To manage the client in NI SystemLink Web Application, click Systems Manager and then click Managed systems.

    The image below shows an example list of clients connected to a server.

  8. Select the workspace you want to contain the system. This determines which resources the system can interact with. To learn more about workspaces, refer to the access control help.
  9. Optional: If you want to prevent actions such as installing software or restarting from executing on your client, select the client in Managed Systems and click More»Lock. These jobs will now be queued and will not execute until the system is unlocked. You can view all jobs, including those that are currently queued, under History.

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