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Viewing Calibration Data for Hardware

Last Modified: August 24, 2020

View hardware calibration data to make maintenance decisions about your assets.

  1. In NI SystemLink Web Application, click Asset Manager. The Asset Manager dashboard enables you to view your assets and calibration data at a glance.
  2. Click Calibrated Assets. You can see a list of your calibrated assets and the data associated with them, including calibration status.
  3. Complete the following tasks based on your asset goals.
    Goal What to do
    Access the calibration certificate for a specific hardware device Double-click the device name and click Calibration Certificate.
    Export the latest calibration entry for your hardware to a comma-separated values (CSV) file Select the hardware whose information you want to export and click Export to CSV.
    Export the entire calibration history for a specific hardware device to a CSV file Double-click the asset and click Export to CSV»Calibration History.
    Ensure readings from your hardware remain accurate over time Select the hardware to calibrate and click Self-Calibrate.

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