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SystemLink VIs and Functions Reference for LabVIEW

Last Modified: November 14, 2019

Use SystemLink functions in LabVIEW to communicate data between your test and measurement systems and your SystemLink Server or SystemLink Cloud account.

SystemLink data services allow you to efficiently manage and monitor your tests, assets, and systems data from anywhere in the world. Refer to the following list to select which SystemLink API you want to learn more about.

Configuration Functions

Manage the HTTP or AMQP connection with your server.

File Transfer Functions

Upload files to your SystemLink Server, where you can also update, delete, or download them.

Tag Functions

Send pieces of data between distributed systems. Use tags to send and receive data from one system to other systems, SystemLink Server, or SystemLink Cloud.

Messages Functions

Communicate as a network queue using the publish-subscribe model. Use messages to send commands, status updates, and data between systems and applications.

Test Monitor Functions

Manage and communicate your test results and test steps between your test systems and SystemLink Server.

Utility Functions

Obtain system names and minion IDs to assign tag paths and properties to your data.

Alarm Functions

Create alarms to implement rules and manage conditions affecting your systems, tests, or assets.

Asset Utilization Functions

Track how long and how often you use your assets in test systems.

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