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Finding Data

Last Modified: November 7, 2019

Use Data Navigation to find data in the folders of a company network or in the SystemLink file service. Select a DataFinder instance that allows you to search in network shares if you want to find data in defined search areas on machines in your corporate network. Select the SystemLink FileIndex instance if you want to search for data in the SystemLink file service. You get an overview of all files stored on the SystemLink file service by selecting the File Service tab. Use a Quick Search if you only have parts of the information you are searching for, or if you do not know whether the information you are searching for is in a file, a channel group, or a channel. Use an Advanced Search to search for property values at the file, channel group, or channel level. Combine search conditions to define complex search queries and to limit the search results. View the properties of the search results in the Properties Display and download the files to your hard disk. In the Browser, you can browse down to channel level.


When Windows authentification is enabled in the Web Server, you must sign on with your Windows credentials in Data Navigation to connect to a DataFinder instance, regardless of the security settings of the instance. Contact your administrator if you have questions about Web Server security settings.

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