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Maintaining DataFinder, Data Preprocessor, and Analysis Automation Instances

Last Modified: August 14, 2019

Create backups, restore and upgrade instances, and move DataFinder or Data Preprocessor instances to other computers to ensure availability and performance of the instances.

The following table highlights tasks to manage your instances.
Goal Instance Management Tasks
Rename an instance. Assign a different name to an instance.
Back up instances for emergencies. Create a backup of a DataFinder, Data Preprocessor, or Analysis Automation instance.
Restore an instance. Restore the instance from a backup file.
Install a SystemLink TDM upgrade. Back up the instances without an index, install the software upgrade on a new computer, and restore the instances from the backups.
Move a DataFinder or Data Preprocessor instance, whose index is stored on a Microsoft SQL server, to another computer. Migrate a DataFinder or Data Preprocessor instance to another computer by creating a backup and restoring the backup on the new computer.
Distribute computing nodes across Data Preprocessor and Analysis Automation instances. Specify the number of requests that Data Preprocessor and Analysis Automation instances process in parallel, in order to distribute the computer resources.

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