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Specifying Notification Settings for Alarms

Last Modified: September 27, 2018

Create email groups and custom messages to notify users when alarms are triggered.

Before you set up notifications, use NI SystemLink Server Configuration to configure the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service on your server through STARTTLS.

  1. In Systems Manager, click Alarm Rules.
  2. Click »Notification Strategies. A notification strategy ensures the right users receive the right information whenever an alarm is triggered.
  3. Under Email Message Template, choose from a preset message template or create your own.
    1. Specify a subject for the email you will want to send to users to notify them of an active alarm.
    2. Decide which information you want to include in the message body. To include specific information about a system, you can use any tag property, as well as special supported parameters, as a variable in the email body. The following table describes special supported parameters for email templates that you can use in addition to any defined tag properties.
      Special Parameter Description
      <value> Current value of the tag when the alarm was triggered.
      <minionId> minionId property, if the tag has one. If not, this parameter becomes the first segment of the tag's path.
      <system> Hostname of the system associated with the tag whose value triggered the alarm.
    3. Write the message template. The following table shows example body text for email message templates and how tags populate the variables in a template with real values from your tag properties.
      Email Message Template String Message Using Tag Property Values
      CPU usage on '<system>' is high. CPU usage is <value>%. CPU usage on 'test1' is high. CPU usage is 90%.
      PXI chassis in rack number '<rack_number>' is overheating. PXI chassis in rack number '154' is overheating.
  4. Specify the email addresses you want to receive notifications.
    1. Click Email Address Groups. Choose from an existing group or click New to create a new email group.
    2. List which email addresses you want to notify.
  5. Create a notification strategy with the message template and email addresses.
    1. Click Notification Strategies.
    2. Select an existing strategy to edit or click New to create a new strategy.
    3. Write a description for the strategy. Only users with access to Alarm Rules can see this description.
    4. Select the Address Group and the Message Template you created. You can also include other pairs of address groups and message templates if you want one alarm to trigger multiple email notifications.
  6. Assign the strategy to an alarm rule.
    1. In Systems Manager, click Alarm Rules.
    2. Double-click the alarm rule you want to assign the notification strategy to.
    3. Under Notification Strategy, select the notification strategy you created.
    4. Click Save.

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