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SystemLink 18.2 New Features

Last Modified: September 27, 2018

Refer to the list below to learn what's new in SystemLink 18.2.

Systems Management

HTTP API Reference

  • Leverage SystemLink services using HTTP API routes. Access HTTP API documentation in the following ways:
    • Append /niapis to the address of your SystemLink server in a browser.
    • Access JSON files in the public SystemLink GitHub repository.

Test Monitoring

  • SystemLink TestStand steps—Send email notifications with hyperlinks to test results and attach additional files to test results.
  • Data Preview—View TDMS data and other web accessible reporting formats (HTML, PDF, PNG, etc.) directly in the SystemLink web interface.
  • Test result trends—Compare historical trends for step results, measurement values, and execution time over time.


Install additional modules to integrate with external tools and make the most of your data.

  • JupyterHub Module—Perform custom Python analysis in SystemLink.
  • OPC Module—Connect to an OPC server and map OPC UA variables to SystemLink tags.

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